Baby Girl Loses Sight After Hammer Attack by Indian-Origin Father

The brutal attack left the girl’s twin brother dead. Their father. Bidhya Sagar Das, has been arrested.  

A one-year-old girl who was allegedly attacked with a hammer by her Indian-origin father in London recently has lost her eyesight and can now hear only partially. Her twin brother had died in the attack.

Their father, Bidhya Sagar Das, was charged with the brutal murder of the baby boy, Gabriel, and with the attempted murder of the girl, Maria, at a court in London earlier this month.

The 33-year-old was arrested after Scotland Yard launched a manhunt for him after the two children were found in a critical condition in a flat in Hackney in north-east London on 18 March.

Maria was rushed to a hospital in a critical condition. It has now emerged that she cannot see and has been left with partial hearing following the assault.

"We are all praying that little Maria recovers her eyesight and isn't permanently blinded by the attack," a friend of the twins' mother, Cristinela Datcu, told Daily Mail. She added:

Cristinela sits in the hospital with Maria, wishing and praying for her full recovery after surgery, from what are quite daunting head injuries for such a young child.

The Metropolitan Police's Homicide and Major Crime Command has been investigating the attack.

The twins lived on the top floor of the building on Wilberforce Road, where the attack took place, with their Romanian mother, Cristinela Datcu, and Indian-origin father.

Horrified neighbours had reported a woman, believed to be Dactu, rushing out of the home screaming, “My kids, my kids!” on the night of the attack.

It is believed Dactu was locked in the bathroom when the children were attacked with a hammer.

Das worked as a hotel receptionist nearby, but quit his job recently.

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