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Gurugram: Couple Loses Baby as Doctors at Sohna Hospital Clueless About Woman Carrying Twins

Gurugram, January 31: In a case of an alleged medical negligence by the Sohna Civil Hospital in Gurugram, a couple has lost one of their twins after birth. The couple has filed a complaint with the health department. On January 20, the couple visited the Sohna Civil Hospital where they were blessed with a daughter. […]

Chandigarh, Dec 6: The daughter of the 10-year-old Chandigarh rape victim has been adopted by a ‘well-to-do’ couple from Maharashtra after three-and-a-half months of her birth. The family, which came to know about the infant through Central Adoption Resource Authority’s website, took her home last week.

The 10-year-old girl was raped by her two maternal uncles. She was impregnated by one of them. A special court in a fast-track trial found the two guilty and awarded them life term till death.

Earlier, there were reports that the girl was being adopted by a foreign couple however, child welfare committee chairman Sangeeta Vardhan laid to rest all the rumours.

Sources said the baby has been adopted by a well-to-do family, who were “very caring”. When the couple arrived here, they also brought clothes for her, said sources.

Meanwhile, child welfare committee chairman Sangeeta Vardhan laid rest to the rumours that a foreign couple was adopting the child and said adoption has taken place according to the guidelines. However, she said that some paperwork is still pending.

Ashiana, a specialised adoption agency (SAA) in Chandigarh, will be monitoring and reporting every six months about the adopted child for two years.