If Babri Masjid was illegal why Advani is being tried: Owaisi Hyderabad, Nov 10 (PTI) AIMIM chie

If Babri Masjid was illegal why Advani is being tried: Owaisi Hyderabad, Nov 10 (PTI) AIMIM chief AsaduddinOwaisi hassought to know if Babri Masjid was illegal why were L K Advaniand others being tried in connection with its demolition.

Addressing a public meeting here on Saturday night, theAIMIM president said, 'If Babri Masjid was legal then why wasit (land) handed over to those who demolished it. If it wasillegal then why the case is going on and withdraw the caseagainst Advani. And if it is legal then give it to me.''It's a basic question... We are not satisfied with thisjudgement. Babri Masjid is my legal right. I am fighting forthe Masjid and not the land,' Owaisi said reacting to theSupreme Court's verdict on Saturday paving the way forconstruction of a Ram temple in Ayodhya.

On Sunday, Owaisi tweeted 'Then what does a Muslim seetoday? That there stood a mosque, for so many years, which hasbeen demolished.

Now the court is allowing a building to come up on thatsite, on an alleged finding that the land belonged to RamLalla.' 'We are being insulted by giving (alternate) land. Don'ttreat us like us beggars... We are respectable citizens ofIndia. The fight is for legal right,' he said in anothertweet.

'... we asked for justice, not charity. If your house isdemolished and you go to an arbitrator, whether the houseshould be given to you or not. Should it be given to thedemolisher?,' he asked while reiterating that he was notsatisfied with the judgement.

Claiming that even today BJP and RSS have a list ofseveral mosques which they want to 'transform,' Owaisi saidthey (muslims) should fight for the Masjid.

He also questioned parties including, Samajwadi Party,BSP, Nationalist Congress Party on their 'silence' over theapex court judgement.

Asserting that he would inform the coming generations ofthe Babri Masjid demolition, Owaisi urged the youngsters ofthe community to take part in politics and support his party.

Soon after the Ayodhya verdict was delivered onSaturday, Owaisi had said the Supreme Court judgment in thesensitive case was a 'victory of faith over facts' andsuggested rejection of alternative five-acre plot given forconstruction of a mosque. PTI VVK ROH ROH