Baba Sehgal Back With Kela Khao Season 2, Puts a Desi Spin On Money Heist's Bella Ciao

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Remember Baba Sehgal’s unforgettable rendition of your favourite 'Bella Ciao' which he dubbed as ‘Kela Khao’? Well, the singer-rapper, who got the audience hooked with his unique cover of the song from Netflix original Money Heist, is back with a sequel.

In his signature style of rhyming words, taking up a harmonica this time, Baba Sehgal is seen singing the song. Baba Sehgal’s creation is an anthem of hope and precaution, rolled into one.

The lyrics of the first verse are, “Ludo tum khelo, Candy crush khelo, Tum Kela Khao, Kela Khao...Netflix dekho” Baba tries to drive away blues brought down to people since the coronavirus became a pandemic. “Partying will also happen but keeping social distancing in mind so people should not give up hope yet”. He adds that even though the sale of alcohol etc has started in many places, people should be careful when stepping out as the risk prevails.

The song talked about hope with Baba telling people that they will soon get to see good days. Baba has his own way of keeping spirits high and at the same time sharing awareness messages with people.

Baba took to his social media handle on Friday and released the song saying, “Bella Ciao oops KELA KHAO - season 2”

The video, which is a minute and 40 seconds in duration, has garnered over 4,300 views and tons of reactions, since made available online.