Baahubali director SS Rajamouli announces mini TV series based on The Rise of Sivagami

Shekhar H Hooli
SS Rajamouli

Director SS Rajamouli, who is gearing up for the release of Baahubali 2: The Conclusion, has announced his plans to do a mini TV series based on Anand Neelakantan's book The Rise of Sivagami.

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The director said he wants to make a 13 episode series based on the book The Rise of Sivagami. "We are planning to make a mini TV series based on the three books, but not a daily soap that we usually see on TV. What we are planning to make is a seasonal series with 13 episodes," Deccan Chonicle quoted SS Rajamouli as saying.

Rajamouli is also considering on working few other stories. "I read author Neelakantan's Asura and the way he has portrayed the character of Ravana is just fascinating. However, I am not sure yet if I will do something on that. He also told me a story that he hasn't put on paper yet. It's a very interesting and intriguing dark story. I was fascinated by it, I want to make it but cannot say anything as of yet," he added.

Rajamouli at The Rise of Sivagami book launch

The Rise of Sivagami is the first book in the series Baahubali: Before the Beginning, which deals with the tale of intrigue and power, revenge and betrayal. The book will enhance the viewing experience of Baahubali 2. "Revolving around Sivagami and how she became a powerful Rajmata, the book gives glimpses to many shades of her character. Reading it will amplify the experience," Rajamouli told The Hindu.

SS Rajamouli realised that the two Baahubali films will not do justice to all the characters. Hence he asked author Anand Neelakantan make them alive through a book. "His idea is to make a mini series on the trilogy on the lines of Lord Of The Rings and Game Of Thrones," the writer told The Hindu.

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