If ‘Baahubali 2’ Is Not Your Jam, ‘Leera The Soulmate’ May Just Be

Every so often, Bollywood brings us a film like ‘Leera The Soulmate’ – a production appears to ride more on confidence than anything else.

From its plot, to shiny costumes, to its set design, to acting, everything about this movie begs the question: WHY?

Here’s the trailer of ‘Leera The Soulmate’, that was uploaded on YouTube on 8 February:

No, this is not a spoof. Take a moment to let that sink in.

Now, before the film hits the screens, here are three very important facts you need to know about the film.

1) ‘Leela The Soulmate’ calls itself Bollywood’s “first 99% VFX film”

Step aside, Baahubali. Your 90 percent VFX record is a thing of the past. ‘Leela The Soulmate’ boasts of 98 percent visual effects, so who cares why Kattappa did (or didn’t) kill Baahubali.

It took 98 percent visual effects for the makers of ‘Leera The Soulmate’ to come up with a creature like this: (Photo: YouTube ScreenGrab)

2) “World’s first innocent love story in space”

The film features actor Leera Kaljai, playing a character named Leera, who finds herself on a planet named Leera. If reading that doesn’t make you dizzy, then the romance between the lead pair is bound to do the trick.

(Photo: YouTube ScreenGrab)

Leera finds her “soulmate” after she lands on planet Leera. And he calls her “hot” the minute he lays eyes on her. Different planet, same shit, eh ladies?

But Leera isn’t one to keep mum about her physical attractiveness. She croons “Mein super hot hoon...” while circling another woman who appears to be sulking. (Did we mention her sari catches fire at some point in the song?)

(Photo: YouTube ScreenGrab)

3) The cast is immensely talented

In the words of Leera Kaljai: “The script demanded a co-star who could touch his nose like I can, so after auditioning 9,000 men across India, we found him”.

If you can touch your nose with your tongue, then a career in tinsel town may just be waiting for you too. To start with, you can audition with Kaljai productions.

(Photo Courtesy: YouTube ScreenGrab)

It is important that you realise the importance of these “three USPs of the film”. Don't believe us? Let Leera convince you

From men in shorts shooting laser rays at women in LBDs, to dialogues mouthed by actors who seem to have just had it with the makers, ‘Leera The Soulmate’ has it all. After all, what do you make of a film that boasts of a song that goes: “Sirf tumhi ho hot, baaki sab hain cold cold?” If anything, the song makes us want to meet this ‘poor man’s Gulzar’ and shake his hand, while staring at him in awe.

Go ahead, tell all your friends about the film. As for the haters, you can always use your stomach to shoot laser beams at them.

(Photo Courtesy: YouTube ScreenGrab)