'B' Has Become an Instagram Influencer and Is Trying to Save the Bee Community


Instagram buzzes with influencers, starting from social, books, lifestyle, make-up to animals and even kids.

While we have seen influencers of these varied kinds, it's quite eccentric to find an insect influencer gaining prominence on the social media site.

'B' is the "1st Bee influencer!", who travels to exotic places and also gives us travel goals. But something sets B apart.

B's quirky pictures just don't come with a description of the places it is seen relaxing, chilling or working at, but gives us a constant insight to the requirements for the survival of its community.

B wants to "please brands around the world to raise money to save bees, many of which disappear every year."

The tiny creature is trying to create a social buzz among humans to help protect the bees.

The page is run by Fondation de France, a bee funding organisation, which commits itself to the urgent protection of all species of bees.

According to the organisation, "Bees are essential for maintaining the balance of ecosystems and our agriculture. They have an essential mission: pollination that allows plants to reproduce. In France, more than 30% of bee colonies disappear each year. Protecting the bee is also protecting the human."

B needs us; "The more subscribers I have on Instagram, the more brands I will be interested in and the more money I will reap."