Ayodhya issue cannot be resolved by talks, says Mulayam Singh Yadav

Yadav said a court decision will be obligatory to all and will be accepted with relative ease whereas more dialogue on this issue will only spark further tensions.

Samajwadi Party founder and mentor Mulayam Singh Yadav has categorically ruled out any possibilities of resolution of Ayodhya temple issue through mutual dialogue and has demanded that the Supreme Court should decide on this issue soon.

Talking to India Today, Yadav said that a court decision will be obligatory to all and will be accepted with relative ease,whereas more dialogue on this issue will only spark further tensions. He said that whatever is constructed on the site, he will lay the first brick.

Answering a question, Yadav said that this issue has suddenly gained prominence again after the victory of BJP in UP and the petition filed by BJP leader Subramanian Swamy in the apex court for an expedited hearing on the dispute. He said that contrary to what the apex court has suggested, mutual talks are not the solution to this dispute as he himself mediated in such talks four times but each time the discussion ended without a decision.

He expressed his regret on the firing on Kar Sevaks in Ayodhya during his tenure and said that the Supreme Court had asked for status quo to be maintained on the site, but the mosque was demolished by Kar Sevaks.


Asked about his views on the current situation in the Samajwadi Party, he said that he accepted humiliation for the betterment of the party. He said that people close to him tried to bring him down, which is why the Samajwadi Party lost so miserably in UP elections. He said that one of his own family members opened a front against him whereas that person does not even have a single vote for himself.

Yadav had arrived in the Mainpuri district of Agra division where he was expressing his pain to his supporters. He said that the SP lost despite so many good deeds it did in Uttar Pradesh and the primary reason for that was the internal clash in the party where people were backstabbing each other to gain prominence.

He said that he felt bad, but there was nobody he could turn to in order to express his pain, so he remained silent and got humiliated. Mulayam said that the party lost because of his humiliation by his own family, as even after the Ayodhya incident, the party had not faced such a terrible defeat.

Mulayam expressed his gratitude to the people of Mainpuri and said that Mainpuri was his political birthplace and this district has always supported him, elected him in the Lok Sabha with lakhs of votes. He said he has come amongst the people of Mainpuri to express his grief. He asserted that he will contest the next election in 2019 from Mainpuri as well.

Aiming at BJP, he said they made the maximum laws in their tenure so far just to draw the attention of the people from the plight of the common man and farmers.

He said he was not informed of the coalition between SP and Congress and when he was informed, he opposed it but Akhilesh did not pay heed to his objections. The defeat in Assembly elections was a result of that. He said that Akhilesh joined hands with the party that led three attacks on him, which indicated the level of respect he had for his father.

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