Autosport Podcast: Was Graham Hill underrated in Formula 1 history?

Edd Straw
Is Graham Hill F1's most underrated legend?

The latest edition of The Autosport Podcast marks this month's 50th anniversary of Graham Hill's second Formula 1 world championship victory in 1968.

For all his success, Graham Hill is often left out of discussions about grand prix racing's greatest drivers. So we ask if despite all his successes he's underrated.

Autosport magazine editor Kevin Turner and legendary British trackside commentator Ian Titchmarsh - who saw Hill race - join Edd Straw for this lively debate.

As well as Hill's achievements in F1, winning world titles for both BRM and Team Lotus, we ask how the unique Triple Crown success should impact his legacy.

We also discuss if there anything in the popular perception of Hill as a 'workman' compared to Jim Clark's 'natural talent' and whether Hill's success with BRM, often overlooked in favour of his Lotus achievements, should play more of a part in the way he is regarded in the public perception?

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