Autopsy report says Raichur engineering student was not raped: CID sources

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The Criminal Investigation Department probing the death of the 23-year-old engineering student from Raichur has stated that the woman was not raped. According to CID sources, the autopsy performed by Dr Karadi in the Raichur District Hospital states the cause of death to be due to asphyxiation by hanging.

“The post-mortem report also states that the woman was not raped. Her body was not burnt. Since the police discovered the body two days after she had died, it had begun to decompose,” the CID source said.

The engineering student was found hanging from a tree in Raichur on April 15. Local police had initially concluded that it was a case of suicide as they had found a death note next to her body. The death note stated that the victim was taking her own life since she had backlogs in her exams. However, the woman’s friends and family had held massive protests in Raichur alleging that she had not taken her own life but was raped and murdered.

CID sleuths are still investigating whether the woman’s death was a suicide or a murder. The victim’s viscera samples, along with the accused Sudarshan Yadav’s clothes and the death note, have been sent to the Forensic Science Lab. They are currently awaiting the report from the FSL in Bengaluru.

“We suspect it is suicide and we are investigating to find the actual cause. The woman had several backlogs in several subjects in the previous semesters, although she had cleared her fifth-semester backlogs,” the source said.

CID sources say that they have obtained CCTV footage from various places, including a lodge in Mantralaya. “The accused Sudarshan Yadav has an alibi. He was in Mantralaya when the victim died. We have CCTV footage of him entering the lodging facility. Sudarshan had called the woman multiple times and when she did not answer, he assumed she had gone to Mantralaya, as they used to go there when they were together,” the source said.

Investigators say they are trying to find whether the woman died due to the harassment she faced at the hands of Sudarshan Yadav. “Sudarshan was a jealous boyfriend and he used to doubt the victim a lot, which led them to fight often. She had broken off the relationship a few months before she died and yet he would call her almost daily and ask her to get back with him,” the source told TNM.

The outrage ensuing the woman’s death had resulted in the Netaji Nagar Police arresting victim’s former boyfriend Sudarshan Yadav. When the protests continued, the woman’s parents had demanded a CID probe after which the agency took over the investigation.