Auto Expo 2018: Emflux One electric superbike launched in India with pricing starting from Rs 6 lakhs

tech2 News Staff
The Emflux Model 1 electric motorcycle has a top speed of 200 Kmph and can reach 100 Kmph within 3 seconds.

Emflux Motors an Indian electric bike manufacturer based in Bengaluru has unveiled its new electric bike called the Emflux One in India at the ongoing >Auto Expo 2018. The bike is priced at Rs 6 lakh for the base model without any add-ons. The model with add-ons is priced at Rs 11 lakh in India.

The electric motorcycle has a top speed of 200 kmph and can reach 100 kmph within 3 seconds. The liquid-cooled AC induction motor on the sports bike produces 84 Nm of torque at 8400 rpm and a peak power of 60 Kw.

The Emflux One can be charged up to 80 percent in 36 minutes with the Emflux WARP Charger provided by the company. Whereas the regular 15 A charger will take 3 hours to charge it to 80 percent.

The Emflux Model 1 comes with a 9.7 KWh battery and the Emflux WARP Charger with 95 percent efficiency.

Other features on the bike includes a 7-inch TFT touch display that can provide GPS navigation, real time vehicle diagnostics, auto updates and can be connected with a mobile app. It can also connected another bike using the Bike to Bike connectivity feature.

The company is providing provided 43mm Öhlins suspension on the front, 46mm monotube Gas Shock on the bike, Pirelli tyres on the electric bike. 300 mm Brembo disk breaks on the front and 220 mm on the rear side of the bike. The electric bike is also equipped with dual-mono-tube ABS.

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