Authorities warn teens against ‘skullbreaker challenge’ on TikTok

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The viral challenge requires the two people to knock off the balance of the third person while they jump up in the air.

After the 'outlet challenge' and the 'eye flash challenge', the latest viral challenge on the short-form video-sharing app TikTok that has attracted the wrath of authorities is the 'skull breaker challenge'.

The challenge, dubbed as Rompcráneos in Spanish, requires three participants standing side by side. The challenge involves two of the participants knocking the third off balance while they jump.

Spanish police have now warned youth against attempting the challenge after a video of a boy in Venezuela suffering grevious injures went viral.

The boy ended up in the Intensive Care Unit, according to The Sun. The boy's school in a statement said that they have initiated preventive and corrective measures against the students who participated in the challenge.

As the challenge gained momentum, more kids have taken up the challenge and have shared the video of the same on various social media platforms. According to the Mirror, a student was hospitalised after sustaining wrist injury while performing the challenge.