Austrian daredevil Baumgartner's next 'free-fall' to be 'dive into matrimony'

London, Oct 16 (ANI): Felix Baumgartner, the Austrian man who stunned the world with a 24-mile free fall from the edge of the space, will celebrate his historic leap with a wedding in the New Year.

Baumgartner, 43, finally popped the question to girlfriend Nicole Oetl after postponing a previous engagement plan in case something went wrong with his record-breaking skydive.

According to the Daily Express, the couple plan to wed in Austria, but live in Switzerland, where the tens of millions Baumgartner is expected to earn from his space fall will be taxed far less than in his homeland.

The paper quoted a source close the fearless skydiver, as saying that 'Baumgartner loves Oetl like mad and will now walk her up the aisle as he has achieved the ultimate in his profession'.

According to one of Baumgartner's close friends, the daredevil had once said that if he was on his deathbed he would want his mother Eva and girlfriend holding his hand.

"Now she will be his wife and always be there for him," the friend added. (ANI)