Australia's National Anthem Change: Historic Change to Advance Australia Fair to Implement 'the Spirit of Unity'

Team Latestly
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Perth, January 1: One word has been changed in Australia’s national anthem. On New Year's Eve Scott Morrison announced that the second line of Advance Australia Fair has been changed from: “For we are young and free” to “For we are one and free”. The change was implemented to reflect what the Prime Minister calls “the spirit of unity”.

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In a statement, Morrison said, "During the past year we have shown once again the indomitable spirit of Australians and the united effort that has always enabled us to prevail as a nation. It is time to ensure this great unity is reflected more fully in our national anthem.” Australia Slips into First Recession in 30 Years Amid COVID-19 Pandemic, Worst Quarterly Decline in GDP Since 1930's Great Depression.

Governor-General David Hurley agreed to the Commonwealth's recommendation to make an amendment to the anthem for the first time since 1984.

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Advance Australia Fair was composed by Peter Dodds McCormick and first performed in 1878. In the year 1984, it was adopted as the national anthem on a recommendation by then prime minister Bob Hawke.