Australian Woman Finds 4-Metre-Long Python Next to Bed Apparently Wanting to Eat Her! Rescues Herself, Watch Shocking Video

Team Latestly

People are really creeped out by slithering creatures and especially snake. Even watching them in open space nearby can freak some people out but a woman in Queensland, Australia showed immense courage when she found one in her bed. A woman named Katjana Shoyer woke to find a 4-metre-long python next to her! Imagine the horror of finding a long dangerous snake just after you woke up, it could leave one in shock but Shoyer dealt with it herself. Shocking Video of Giant Python Eating an Indonesian Woman Will Freak You Out: Disturbing Images of Human Body Found in Big Snake’s Belly. 

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A resident from Port Douglas in Queensland woke up to find something super cold next to her. When she woke up she expressed that her heart almost stopped after seeing the python. According to Shoyer, the snake was sizing to make a meal out of her. Although she panicked, she took care of it itself. She took a fishing spear and bucket and managed to scoop the long snake up, put it in a bin and then release it into the bushes! 6-Feet Long Snake Brings Traffic to Halt at Busy Western Express Highway.

Watch Video of Python Next to a Bed in Woman's House in Queensland

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It is indeed scary to look at the length of the snake. Wonder how the woman gathered the courage to deal with it on her own. Talking about the rescue she was quoted to The Daily Mail, "I managed to get it into the bin and put it outside with the lid on. It was so heavy, probably more than 20 kilograms. After that, I just went back to bed. It didn't worry me too much. I just needed it to be out of my room, so I could get some sleep."

Shoyer wasn't new to spotting snakes nearby but this was the first time she had such a close encounter. Pythons may not be poisonous but they are known to kill their prey by wrapping themselves around the body. The way she dealt with the snake, it is definitely a courageous move.