Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison turns water boy in match against Sri Lanka

The Australian PM's move surprised many on the field as well as cricket fans online.

One moment from a match between the Australia PM XI and Sri Lanka is going viral because the prime minister of Australia turned water boy for his players. Photos of PM Scott Morrison carrying drinks for the Australian team have taken social media by storm.

Sri Lanka’s tour of Australia kicked off with a warm-up T20 match at the Manuka Oval in Canberra, but the most memorable moment from the Sri Lankan inning was Morrison running on to the field carrying drinks for the players.

Wearing an Australian team cap, the Prime Minister jogged onto the filed to deliver the drinks, and some players even got high fives.

Indian cricket fans said they have never seen something like this before. Many avid cricket fans from India and Pakistan wondered if Narendra Modi or Imran Khan would ever do something like this.

However, this isn't the first time Morrison has carried drinks on to a field of play. Earlier this month, Morrison attended a friendly rugby match between Australia and Fiji, and handed players their uniforms and water bottles on the field.