An Australian musician is making songs out of movie and TV dialogues

Nick Bertke edits clips and builds them into a tune with beats to create these songs.

It's one thing to create music out of nothing, as most musicians do, and quite another to produce songs out of movie or TV show dialogues. But that's exactly what Nick Bertke, an Australian electronic musician, does through his YouTube channel Pogo.

From the Harry Potter films to animated classics like Toy Story, Bertke has magnificently edited clips, built them into a tune and added beats to create songs that are both nostalgic and chill. The most viewed of them all is 'Alice' which, as the name suggests, is made from dialogues from the 1951 Disney film Alice in Wonderland. The video, which has over 19 million views, features scenes from the film itself. In fact, most videos are made that way. Only in a few - 'Picard & Data', which is a remix of Star Trek: The Next Generation, and 'Wizard of Meh', made from dialogues from the 1939 film The Wizard of Oz - does Bertke himself appear.

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It's not all just kiddie stuff. Violence makes its way into the Pogo world with the help of 'Crimson', which is a musical mash-up of Dexter, a TV show about a serial killer, and 'Lead Breakfast', which is made up of Pulp Fiction clips. (This one stems from a bloody scene in the beginning of the film.)

Apart from individual TV shows and movie videos, Bertke also dabbles in the making of albums. A recent album of his, 'Weightless', can be heard on his YouTube channel itself. It features, amongst other mash-ups, a meticulously created song out of Donald Trump speeches. 'Trumpular', without, is the highlight of the album.