Australia shocker: Pilot writes ‘I’m bored’ and draws a couple of penises in sky

Shubham Ghosh

Parafield (Australia), Feb 21: Some times, act of human beings really befuddles us. A pilot from Flight Training Adelaide (FTA), Parafield Airport, South Australia was out for testing a single-propeller aircraft's new engine but it was so monotonous for him that he not only wrote 'I'm bored' but also ended up drawing a couple of penises in the sky!

Oh, cocks.

The pilot was flying for two hours and during this time, he did enough to entertain himself as well as those who tracked his movement.

Speaking to Adelaide Now which reported about the incident, director of FTA Pine Pienaar said: "Young instructors, what can you do?" He also said that neither he nor the company found the action acceptable.

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The in-air message was though visible to those who were tracking the pilot's live progress.

In 2017, a similar act was committed when one of the pilots of the US Navy used vapour trailers to draw a massive penis in the sky. The navy was forced to issue an apology on that occasion and the concerned pilot was also grounded.

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