Australia, England players won't be available for IPL from May

Rajdeep Saha

Australia, England players won

06 Nov 2018: Australia, England players won't be available for IPL from May

As per reports, Cricket Australia and England and Wales Cricket Board have made it clear to the BCCI that their players would not be available for the Indian Premier League 2019 after May 1.

The decision is being taken due to the schedule of the ICC World Cup 2019, which starts from May 30 in England.

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IPL 2019: IPL 12 moved to an earlier date

The IPL 12 has been moved to an earlier date keeping both the World Cup and the Indian General Elections in mind.

Reports had come out that the IPL could be held in South Africa as the dates are colliding with the elections.

The BCCI prefers South Africa, given that an earlier edition of the IPL has been held there.

Reports: Franchises have been informed unofficially regarding foreign players

The IPL 12 is likely to start from March 29 and end on May 19.

Therefore, England and Aussie players are set to miss the last 18 days of the tournament.

A report in the Mumbai Mirror suggests that the IPL franchises have been informed unofficially regarding the availability of international players.

However, the BCCI is yet to make an official announcement.

Picture: Clearer picture to surface in December

The report also adds that South African players could miss the final leg of the tournament.

Cricket South Africa wants Proteas players to leave around May 12.

But things could change if the tourney is held in South Africa.

A clearer picture can be expected when the auction is held next month.

It's stated to be held on December 17-18.

Fact: The unavailability of players is a fair decision: Our take

Teams have already started their World Cup preparations. They are wary of the gap between the IPL finale and the start of the World Cup. It is obvious that no nation would not to risk pivotal players, at the last moment. It's a fair decision.