Australia conducts biggest ever counterterrorism raid to foil possible IS terror attacks

Melbourne, Sep 18 (ANI): Hundreds of armed police officers and Australian Security Intelligence Organization (ASIO) officials moved on suspected terrorists in the biggest ever counter terrorism raid in the history of Australia, a report said.

The first raid was carried out in Sydney to prevent a mass casualty shooting and possible beheadings. A separate operation was carried out across NSW and Brisbane in which dozens of people were arrested. The combined raids amounted to the country's biggest ever counter terrorism raid in history, reported The Daily Telegraph.

The report said that the raids were prompted by a phone call intercepted by the police that detailed a plan to kidnap a random person and behead them while filming the act to post on social media. The police also suspected that a terror group was planning to target a tourist in Martin Place in the CBD.

Twenty two-year-old, Omarjan Azari, is the only man who has been charged during the raids so far and has appeared in court today for committing an act in preparation and planning for a terrorist act.

The case has been adjourned until November 13.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott said that the Australian intelligence had discovered orders coming from an Australian terrorist who occupied a senior position in the Islamic State (IS). (ANI)