Australia Bushfire Donations: Here’s How You Can Donate and Help Those Affected by Destructive Australian Wildfires

Team Latestly

Australia is burning. The bushfire crisis has brought people to their knees, and the rest of the world witness it in horror. Since September, 2019, at least 20 people have died, thousands of homes are destroyed, and many have been confirmed missing. Firefighters are working round the clock. They are turning every stone to rescue those who are battling the raged fires. Australians are taking to social media, pleading for help. You can help out the victims of destructive wildfires. It does not matter in whichever country you reside; there are many organisations who are accepting donations to help the Australian bushfire victims. Here are ways and organisations through which you can help and assist those in need. These Kangaroo and Koala Rescue Pics and Videos Will Leave You in Tears.

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1. Australian Red Cross Disaster Recovery And Relief

The Red Cross teams have supported and helped thousands of people in evacuation centres and recovery hubs across Australia. They even provide emergency assistance like cash grants to those who have lost their homes in the fire. You can click here and visit Red Cross’s official website to donate, in whichever manner you can.

2. NSW Rural Fire Service

The NSW Rural Fire Services support the firefighting efforts in New South Wales. You can either donate to the NSW RFS, directly or to your local Rural Fire Brigade to support volunteer firefighters.

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3. Country Fire Authority (CFA), Victoria

CFA is the state of Victoria’s rural firefighting service. Just like NSW RFS, for CFA also, you can donate either to a specific brigade or provide a general donation. You can directly click here to donate.

4. VIC Bushfire Disaster Appeal

VIC Bushfire Appeal is where state premier Daniel Andrews is suggesting to donate. He urged those wanting to help out during the crisis to give money rather than food or other goods. The funds collected will be given directly to those affected by fires. New Zealand Skies Turn Orange After Being Engulfed by Smoke From Australian Bushfires.

5. Airbnb Open Homes

Airbnb is asking people to offer their extra space for people in need. You can book free accommodation in certain areas of New South Wales and Victoria through its Open Homes initiative.

6. Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park

Though ‘Go Fund Me,’ the wildlife park is urging people to donate and help the animals hit hard by the fires in South Australia. The donations will help vet costs, koala milk and extra enclosures.

The situation is grim. The capital of Australia, Canberra, has the worst air quality of any major city in the world. With the fire conditions getting worse every day, help is required. The above are some of the names who are currently accepting donations. You can directly visit the website link given and donate. Besides, people are recommended to be alert as fake accounts too have emerged on social media, falsely claiming to raise funds for the fire victims. It is safer to visit the government-run sites, urging for donations.