Aussie Rules Team Learn to Sign Club Anthem in Solidarity With Hearing-Impaired Teammate

An Australian Rules football team brought new meaning to the term team spirit when they learned their club anthem in Australian Sign Language (Auslan) in solidarity with a hearing-impaired teammate.

The Yeronga Devils surprised teammate Jamie Howell on Saturday, August 8, as they performed the club song in Auslan after winning a game against club rivals Coolangatta, reports said.

Footage shared by the club shows the team both singing and signing the song – much to the shock of Howell.

According to reports, Howell’s teammates taught themselves how to sign over video calls.

Howell wears a helmet to protect the implant inside her head, while her Devils teammates have started using sign language to communicate with her on the field, reports said. Credit: Yeronga Devils AFC via Storyful

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