Atal Innovation Mission and ScooNews Partner to Share Inspiring Stories of Grassroots Innovations

Team Latestly
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New Delhi, September 7: In a bid to share and spread inspiring stories of grassroots innovations, the Atal Innovation Mission, NITI Aayog collaborated with ScooNews, one of the largest education media houses in India. ScooNews will support various events or competitions initiated by AIM through its network. With the goal to document and share inspiring stories from across the country, AIM and ScooNews shall curate and publish ATL-related content, inspiring grassroots stories and innovations, ed-tech news and stories of various startups and organisations supported by AIM on a monthly basis. ScooNews will also bring out a special publication to celebrate the top innovations of ATL Marathon.

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Through the collaboration, not only greater awareness of various initiatives of AIM and Atal Tinkering Labs will be generated among the education sector stakeholders, but also schools, faculties, educators and mentors will be provided quality perspectives, content and best practices from across the globe. Literacy Rate Ranking: Kerala Tops With 96.2%, Delhi, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh & Assam Among Top 5.

“Atal Innovation Mission aims to create over a million neoteric innovators and potential job creators in the country. To enable the same, it is imperative that we share stories of people who inspire us. Our ATL beneficiaries are beating all odds and continuing to tinker and innovate, even in these tough times. Their inspiring stories must be shared and celebrated. Our partnership with ScooNews is going to be fundamental in identifying and share such stories, while also creating a value-adding recognition platform for innovative talent in India,” said AIM Mission Director R. Ramanan.

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Ramanan also thanked the ScooNews team for working relentlessly to bring out positive stories in school education even during COVID-19 times. ScooNews CEO Ravi Santlani said, “We are excited to work with AIM. We are committed to identifying path-breaking stories of prodigies across the country and create quality content through the journey of these students, teachers, schools, mentors, and other stakeholders. Forging a strong partnership with AIM, NITI Aayog, will enable us to do the best for the education ecosystem of India and expand our organisation’s vision and mission.”

The Atal Innovation Mission believes that any such collaboration with Indian homegrown institutions, organisations and companies is critical to develop public-private partnerships and provide forums to nurture the inventiveness of young students as a motivational tool.