Astrologer Pankaj Khanna's Gem Selections becomes people's favourite

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Astrologer Pankaj Khanna is one such person who is trusted and looked up to by people. His company Gem Selections is too an entrusted brand in the industry when it comes to stones and crystals. The very renowned astrologer is also known for accurate predictions. Started in Delhi, Gem Selections has now reached other cities too.

Adding a feather to his cap, Khanna's Gem Selections recently launched their store in Bengaluru. The store has got immense love and support there. The quality of gems has been highly appreciated there. The best part of Khanna and Gem Selections, is the hard work and time they put in to select and process gems and crystals.

Talking about it, Pankaj says, 'Firstly, I present my heartfelt gratitude to people in Bengaluru for accepting our store and giving us so much love. Gems and crystals are natural healer, they shouldn't be disrespected and be processed in a right way to get help from them. We prefer taking time but giving the best quality at an affordable rate.' PWR PWR

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