Assembly of iPhones to Begin in Bengaluru in Less Than a Month

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Apple Inc will be start assembling its iconic iPhones in Bengaluru in less than a month to boost its chances of gaining a foothold in the fast-growing Indian market, Karnataka IT Minister Priyank Kharge said on Thursday.

Kharge said making iPhones in India would help Apple lower prices, which will help it gain a foothold in the Indian market.

Priyank Kharge, IT Minister, Karnataka In less than a month, we will have something out – Apple will start assembling and making its high-end iPhones at its plant in the city (Bengaluru). Taiwanese contract manufacturer Wistron Corp will help Apple in doing so.

The Karnataka government has been in talks with the Centre for strengthening the ecosystem even as Apple is negotiating with it to being its next level of production in India, he said. Kharge added:

Assembling and making of iPhones in Bengaluru will boost Apple’s chances of gaining a foothold in the fast growing Indian market because it will allow the company to lower prices.

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Apple wants to bring its component manufacturers to India to make parts and export finished phones and is seeking tax concessions on import of key components. However, the Indian government has rejected most of the demands of the US tech giant.

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Kharge said if the Centre was keen on taking on China, it should not give special treatment to Apple alone, but also to other players, including Samsung and Lenovo, if they want to open manufacturing units in India, especially Karnataka.

The government should give companies a timeline, say 10 years, by when they should be able to manufacture 100% of their phones and its components by procuring parts from the local market, he said.

Such a timeline should be given because we don't have that environment now, Kharge added.