Assamese musician launches album on violence against women

Bangalore, July 12 (ANI): Music can play an important role in creating awareness about relevant social issues. Recently, Bangalore-based Assamese music composer Jim Ankan Deka launched an album, which focuses on violence against women.

The album titled 'Awaaz-speak up against sexual violence' has been produced by Deka's Eastern Fare Music Foundation. Through the album, the group is trying to motivate people to raise their voices against any act of violence towards women.

"This is more than a project, this is a cause. We actually want the youth to come up because at this moment, music and technology are two things which people get into. We want people to listen to the song and get back to the same kind of thoughts," said Deka.

Apart from the theme, what is more interesting is the fact that the song is bilingual. While the first two paragraphs are in Hindi, the last one is in Assamesse.

Famous Assamesse singer Queen Hazarika lent her voice to the Assamesse lines.

The group hopes that their attempt will raise awareness amomg people about various forms of violence against women. (ANI)