Assam Youth's 'Blessing Hut' Lets Citizens Donate Items and the Needy Pick Them for Free

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The second wave of coronavirus has plagued thousands of lives across India causing exponential distress. As many families fell victims to the evils of unemployment, scores of organisations and teams have also come together to facilitate the livelihoods of these families in an attempt to lessen their struggles in ways possible. In one such recent example, an initiative by the youths in Assam is warming the hearts of people. The team of young people has started a ‘Blessing Hut’ with a sign that reads, ‘Take what you need, leave what you can.’

It’s an initiative by the youths from Nutan Leikul village near Haflongto to create a space where people can donate whatever’s in their capacity including groceries, cereals, food, clothing etc and those who are in need of them, can take them from the hut free of cost.

Photos of the compassionate initiative have now been doing rounds on social with netizens, blessing the young souls for their actions.

According to reports, the hut has been set up by the youth from the N Leikul Youth Club and was officially inaugurated on May 25 by local pastor Ropianga Hauhnar. “Within a week the hut was built. In this pandemic time, if the breadwinner of a family falls sick or couldn’t earn to support his family, then he/she is forced to go begging. In order to protect the dignity of our fellow villagers, we thought that this idea will help them,” Singson told India Today.

The Indian Express reported that the hut came into existence after the idea was shared on a WhatsApp group of the village. As the project advanced, many villagers came forward to support one another.

Natun Leikul village is so far Covid-19 free village in the Dima Hasao district with no single positive case being detected during the second wave coronavirus.

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