As Assam floods swamp Kaziranga, tiger takes refuge in house

The Royal Bengal Tiger is seen resting on a bed and peering from a hole ripped into the wall. (Source: Samshul Ali. IFAW/ WTI.)

As Assam battles the flood fury, which has rendered lakhs of people homeless and perished many animals, an image of a Royal Bengal Tiger "relaxing" inside a house near Kaziranga National Park has left many amused.

As per reports, the tiger had apparently strayed out of the flooded national park and entered the house along National Highway 37. The Wildlife Trust of India shared pictures of the tiger on Twitter.

"The #tiger was spotted next to the highway at 8:30 am, moving from the park, just 200 m away, on its way to Karbi hills about 500 m across the National highway. Probably disturbed, he jumped across the wall of a scrap garage and took refuge in the darkroom. #AssamFloods #Kaziranga," the foundation said in a tweet. "#AssamFloods bring in unusual guests!" it added.

In the image shared on Twitter, the Royal Bengal Tiger is seen taking rest on a bed and peering from a hole ripped into the wall. As several attempts to get the animal out of the house turned futile, foresters subsequently burst firecrackers, forcing it out into the jungle, news agency PTI reported.

Large parts of Manas National Park and Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary are also submerged, forcing wild animals, including rhinos, elephants, deer and wild boars, to take refuge in artificial highlands constructed within the parks or migrate to the southern highlands of Karbi Anglong hills. Due to the heavy rains, Section 144 was also briefly imposed around the vicinity of the Kaziranga National Park.

According to the Assam State Disaster Management Authority (ASDMA), more than 45 lakh people have been affected in 4,620 villages of the state, with 1,01,085 people taking refuge in 226 relief camps. As many as 562 distribution centres have been set up for providing relief to the affected people.