ASICS London 10K: Runners take to iconic sights of capital

Millions of pounds were estimated to have been raised for charity at the ASICS London 10K on Sunday.

The event, with £2.2m believed to have been raised in total, also promoted a string of sustainability programmes as runners were treated to a sights-heavy London course.

In conjunction with Virgin Sport, the race also saw the elimination of plastic kit bags and single-use plastics.

Cathy McGinnis, marketing manager of ASICS UK, said: “ASICS philosophy is ‘A Sound Mind in a Sound Body’ and we believe everyone should have the opportunity to achieve this.

“The ASICS London 10k perfectly embodies this philosophy, giving runners of all abilities and backgrounds the opportunity to run united around an iconic central London route.

The 2019 ASICS London 10K was won by Josh Griffiths (male winner) and Rebecca Murray (female winner) with times of 29:47 and 33:46 respectively.
JUST Goods provided recyclable JUST Water cartons at the finish line, eliminating 19,000 single-use plastic water bottles.
ASICS encourages people to Run United with the aim of showing that when people run together, amazing things happen – be that faster, further or just with a smile on their faces.

“There were runners of different ability, age and ethnicity competing in the ASICS London 10k and we were thrilled to see everyone cross the line with a smile on their face – be it because they’d completed a PB or simply because they’d completed the race.”

Westminster Abbey, Big Ben and the London Eye were just some of the sights on offer as runners completed the 10,000 metre track.

In addition, a partnership with JUST Goods helped contribute to Virgin Sport’s mission to eliminate half a million single-use bottles from their courses.

Virgin Sport CEO Jessica Frey added: “It's a privilege for Virgin Sport to present a true summer celebration of running with music and entertainment on course at every 450 metres.

“Thank you to the thousands of runners who took part, and a huge congratulations to our winners!"

Josh Griffiths and Rebecca Murray won the race with times of 29:47 and 33:46 respectively.

Pre-registration for the 2020 edition of ASICS London 10K is open now, click here for more.

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