Asia's largest all-women market reopens in Manipur

Imphal (Manipur), Feb 15 (ANI): Manipur Chief Minister N Biren Singh reopened the historic Ima Keithel (Mother’s market) after almost 11 months. Ima Market was shut due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Ima Keithel meaning ‘mother’s market’ is believed to be the largest markets in Asia which is solely run by women vendors. CM Singh announced that women vendors of Ima Markets would be exempted from a vendor license fee for the year. The Chief Minister announced the names of the three Ima Markets as Leimarel Sidabi Ima Keithel for Market No. 1, Imoinu Ima Keithel for Market No. 2, and Phouoibi Ima Keithel for Market No. 3. The reopening has brought great relief to over 4,000 women vendors. The state government is in the process of setting up 16 such Ima markets in different districts across Manipur.