Asian College of Journalism website hacked by Turkish cyber group

The website of Chennai-based Asian College of Journalism's website ( was hacked late Thursday night, apparently by a Turkish hacker group called "Ayyildiz Tim". accessed the website while it was hacked and saw multiple messages in what seemed to be Turkish. One of the messages read that the ACJ website had been hacked by Ayyildiz Tim, which, online searches suggested, is a Turkish hacker collective.

While hacked, the ACJ website displayed a series of text messages. A basic Google Turkish-English translation suggested that one of the messages read, "My martyr sleeps comfortably... we are the waiters of vatan."

The Google translation of the text posted on the Asian College of Journalism's website was largely incomprehensible and did not make much sense.

"I am destined to die for the homeland... Such is the kiss of the hands," was also a message posted on the ACJ homepage.

A third message read, "One eliminate weapons... one in the qur'an... they say they look like martyrdom squirrels". Another message read, "I did not hear you... I was a flag... I was killed... I was killed".

A screenshot of the Asian College of Jouranlism website while it was hacked (Note: The English text seen here is a Google translation of the original Turkish text)

"My name is Muslim... Im (sic) surname Turkish," another message followed. "Martyr or downy soldier? Everywhere in paradise kotu..." was one of the other incomprehensible Google translations of the text on the ACJ website. could not independently verify the accuracy of the message on the ACJ website's hacked homepage. The translations mentioned here were carried out by Google's automatic translation tool that accompanies the browser Chrome.

The website was still hacked at the time of last updating this report.