Ashley Graham Gets Body Shamed on Instagram: ‘You Are FAT! Get a Brain & Marry a White Man’

Nida Sayyed

On June 19, the famous plus-sized model Ashley Graham uploaded screenshots on her Instagram story, of a disgusting mail she received. She blocked out the sender’s name to prevent her followers to go after them. People were enraged after seeing the mail where the sender told her, she’s not curvy- she’s fat! And that she’s “definitely not as attractive as she thinks”. The sender proceeded to call Ashley’s husband Justin Ervin a “monkey”. The bitterness! Ashley Graham Is Oozing With Sexiness in Addition Elle’s Hot Lingerie Collection! Check Out Sexy Model’s Bold & Beautiful Pics.

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June 19, model Ashley Graham displayed a nasty hate mail she received. The sender wrote Ashley is "no role model to anyone" and shamed the model for being “fat” and called her brainless for marrying a man that is not white. The sender claimed interracial marriages have a very high divorce rate and had the audacity to call her husband a monkey.

The screenshots Ashley posted on her story:

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Ashley Graham's Instagram story on June 19 (Photo Credits: Instagram/Ashleygraham)

Ashley Graham's Instagram story on June 19 (Photo Credits: Instagram/Ashleygraham)

He also felt the need to give his opinion on what makes a woman. According to him, big tits don’t make a woman, a big heart does (but who asked..?). To the racist sender, white children are beautiful. He told Ashley she had a pea-sized brain. He advised her to get a brain and marry a white man and make a dozen kids instead of making "ugly mongrel pickaninnies" kids with her black husband. Ashley Graham’s Big Boob Workout to Anaconda Crossing Highway in Brazil; 7 Videos That Went Crazy Viral This Week.

This is not the first time Ashley is receiving hate comments, shaming her body. Ashley is strong enough to continue and inspire many young women to feel confident about their bodies. Besides modelling, Ashley also runs a bikini brand called Swimsuits For All, catering to all sized women, encouraging everyone to feel comfortable in their own skin. Ashley helps and inspires millions regardless of what the sender feels. Ashley also actively reposts pictures of plus-sized women enjoying her brand of swimsuits.