Asaram's family file gets sleazier

If there is any truth in the complaint against Asaram Bapu, who is currently in custody of the Gujarat Police, the controversial godman should be prosecuted for committing more than one rape in his Ahmedabad ashram.  The victim, who was allegedly raped by the Baba 12 years ago, stated in her FIR that Asaram has a “ weakness for young girls” and he is always on the lookout for new faces.

In the FIR registered with Surat police, the victim claimed that the Baba had a well-planned mechanism in place to catch hold of young girls to satiate his carnal appetite.

The victim, who has studied till Class 10, recalled in her complaint that in 1998 she had attended a satsang ( religious gathering) in Surat where Asaram presented her with a book and an apple and asked her to meet him after reading the book. “ As I stayed back for the shibir ( camp), Dhel and Vaglo, two Saadhikas ( devotees) of Asaram, told me that the apple is special and I should eat it myself.

Dhel also told me that Asaram had decided to make me a preacher,” she said in her complaint.

The victim participated in another shibir in Surat next year. After the event got over, Dhruv, the manager of Asaram’s Ahmedabad ashram, took her to Asaram’s wife. Laxmi spoke to the victim’s mother and stopped her from going home. Later, she was taken to Ahmedabad.

In 2001, Dhel and Vaglo took her along with 10 other girls to Asaram’s farmhouse “ Shanti Vatika”, where the Baba chose her and another girl to train them as preachers. After Guruprunima in 2001, Asaram’s daughter Bharti called the victim and said Baba has called her and another girl to the farmhouse.

Asaram, according to the victim, asked the girls to come to his room one by one. The other girl went in first.  The girl came out in 10 minutes and Asaram summoned the victim inside the room.

“When I entered the room, Bapu was sitting on the bed,” the victim recounted adding that Asaram asked her to massage his head with ghee. “As I started massaging, Asaram started playing with my body. I told him that I don’t like such things but Bapu said ‘ you are destined to become a great preacher but before that I have to wipe off the domestic life that is there in your fate’,” she said.  “I got scared and started pleading to him to let me go. He got angry and threw me on the bed and broke open my salwar,” she recounted.  “I tried to run but he caught me from behind and pulled me back on the bed. He kept saying that no one will come to my rescue even if I mange to escape from the room. He forced me to perform oral sex on him and then forced himself on me. I started bleeding and screaming due to extreme pain. 

Despite this, he did not let me go,” she narrated.  The girl’s white kurta got stained and Asaram asked her to clean up.  “As I came out of the bathroom, he called me and said ‘nobody should get a whiff of what has happened or I will burn you to ashes’,” the victim recounted.  Bharti drove her back to the ashram. “As I was entering the ashram, Dhel and Vaglo, who were sitting near the gate, started laughing. They asked me how my Kurta got wet and where was Bapu.” The victim was later made a preacher in the ashram. “ After spending some time in the ashram I realised that Bapu was always interested in new girls.  He, however, did not stop torturing me,” she added. 

On her escape she said she mustered courage after another girl in the ashram convinced her to leave the dirty life behind. She managed to run away in 2007 and eventually got married.  Later, she learnt about her sister’s ordeal, who was allegedly raped by Asaram’s son Narayan Sai. However, it was only after Asaram was arrested by Jodhpur Police that the sisters decided to lodge a complaint against the self- proclaimed godman and his son.  Asaram has a ‘ weakness for young girls’ and he is always on the lookout for new faces.


The father has been remanded in police custody for five days, the son too can’t breathe easy, at least not yet.  The hearing on the anticipatory bail plea of Narayan Sai, the alleged rapist son of Asaram, has been posted for Thursday.  Meanwhile, Narayan’s close aide Mohit Bhojwani, the administrator of Jaipur ashram had been arrested by the Surat police last week and the cops have also managed to carry out an intensive search at Narayan’s Gambhoi ashram in the Sabarkantha district accompanied by the younger of the two victims, who had alleged that Narayan had raped her that ashram. 

Narayan remains elusive even as some of his devotees have been identified the victim.  Bhojwani’s arrest has brought to light his efforts to instigate violence among the followers of Asaram. Reportedly, Bhojwani circulated SMSes claiming that nothing would happen through protests and demonstrations and egged on devotees to do “ something that sets the country on fire.”

Meanwhile investigations have thrown up interesting facts about Bhojwani, who apparently was in constant touch with Narayan through social network applications in mobile. It is also learnt that it was Bhojwani, who would click photographs of girls and show them to Narayan and if desired by him would procure them for him.  “ By the looks of it, they ran a fairly professional racket under the garb of religion,” a source from Surat revealed.