Asaram Bapu conviction has social media burst into hyper activity

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Asaram Bapu conviction has social media burst into hyper activity

Of the 10 top 'India Trends' on Twitter, eight were related to Asaram Bapu.

Self-styled godman Asaram Bapu is all over the social media today after a special court in Jodhpur held him guilty of rape.

In an unusual development, Asaram Bapu was dominating on Twitter. Of the 10 top 'India Trends' on the micro-blogging site, eight were related to Asaram Bapu.

Such a domination of a single issue is quite rare or unprecedented on Twitter. Even Bollywood actor Salman Khan's conviction on April 5 in the black buck poaching case did not witness such response on Twitter.

Incidentally, both Asaram Bapu and Salman Khan have been convicted by Jodhpur courts as both committed crimes in Rajasthan's 'Blue City'.
Minutes after a special Jodhpur court pronounced judgment in the Asaram Bapu case, Twitter exploded with posts on the self-styled spiritual guru. As a result, most of the trends were related to Asaram Baapu.

Between 10.30 am and 11 am, the top 10 'India Trends' on Twitter were Asaram Verdict, Asaram Case Verdict, Asaram Bapu, One Life One Rupay, Mr Chandramouli Audio Launch, Jodhpur Central Jail, Neelam Dubey, Asaram Doshi (in Hindi), D-Day for Asaram and Jodhpur Court.

Leaving aside One Life One Rupay and Mr Chandramouli Audio Launch, all others were about Asaram Bapu.

'Neelam Dubey' was one name which appeared non-associated with Asaram Bapu. However, it was trending because Neelam Dubey is the official spokesperson of Asaram Trust and she briefed the media after the Jodhpur court's verdict on the 'godman'.

Sometime later, before 11 am itself, Jodhpur Court was replaced with Shiva and Prakash.

Shiva and Prakash found their way into the 10 top 'India Trends' because of the five accused, while Asaram, Sharad and Shilpi were held guilty, these two were acquitted by the special Jodhpur court.

On Google News too, Asaram Bapu was trending among the top stories.

Though Asaram Bapu is talk of the town on social media today, he has been in the news for a long time now. His supporters have been trending topics such as 'Asaram Bapu nirdosh hain (Asaram Bapu is innocent)' and 'Asaram Babpu ko riha karo (Release Asaram Bapu)' off and on on Twitter.

It is worth observing whether with today's conviction, Asaram Bapu's supporters keep trending topics related to him or they lose hope and stop putting in extra effort.

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