Arvind Kejriwal's Odd-Even plan for Delhi finds a fan in Mexican envoy to India

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Arvind Kejriwal's Odd-Even plan for Delhi finds a fan in Mexican envoy to India

Speaking to India Today, Mexican ambassador Melba Pria lay emphasis on the need for cumulative action against the nuisance of pollution in the national capital.

Even as the Delhi government faces opposition from various quarters, there is atleast one taker for the odd-even formula of Kejriwal administration- Mexcian ambassador to India Melba Pria.

Speaking to India Today, Pria said, "While 'car restrictions' inconvenience many, there has to be a conscious effort to make this planet a better place for the future generations."

She also emphasised on the need of improving public transport system if such initiatives have to succeed. "Everyone is breathing the same air. It (odd-even) is an inconvenience but that inconvenience will change the way that we live. We cannot continue living like this. The authorities also have to do something about the public transportation... We cannot tackle it in one go. But effort has to be made", the Mexican envoy added.

An environmentalist herself, Melba Pria explained how the need right now is to have a concerted effort- where the responsibility is joint, citizen and government, citing an example of residents of Gurugram.

Melba said, "There is a problem with the number of cars that are circulating, so the programme of car restriction is important. Today, Gurugram residents started with a week-long programme that has to do with car restrictions. In Mexico, we'd have a programme where our cars don't circulate for one day in a year. And if things get complicated then we have the odd-even."

Delhi, this past month has faced one of the worst air pollution crisis. There were many factors leading up to this situation.

One among them was the "stubble burning" of crops by farmers after harvest in the bordering states of Haryana, Punjab and Uttar Pradesh.

While speaking of best practices, Ambassador Melba Pria highlighted the need to focus on rural problems while tackling the urbane issues. "Stubble burning is an old traditional concept to clean the agricultural fields. Governments should bring in best practices in rural areas as well. Will take a long time but has to be done."

The most significant part of the interaction with the envoy was a survey she spoke about that was done in Mexico City when it was faced with similar problems.

She said, "Kids in Mexico City believed back then that the sky was grey. Question was asked to children what was the colour of the sky. Eighty percent said grey. Ten percent even said brown and only ten percent actually said blue. I want you to look at the sky here and ask the same question."