Aruvikkara: KS Sabarinadhan responds to viral videos of party worker attacking old woman over placing MLA's flex board

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An old woman was attacked in Aruvikkara, Kerala after she resisted a party worker's attempt to put up a flex board of MLA KS Sabarinadhan, son of G Karthikeyan, late speaker of Kerala Legislative assembly in front of her house. The videos of the incident went viral after a social media user, Prasheed P, shared them on his Facebook page.

According to the social media post, Rajeev, a supporter of the MLA, has attacked the woman when she questioned him for placing the flex board in front of her residence. The man is also seen removing her cloth and dragging her. "What did she do? Did you attack her for questioning you for placing the board in front of her house without permission?" reads the social media post of the netizen.

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When International Business Times, India contacted Sabarinadhan, he said: "Yes, the incident is unjustifiable. It was a mistake on the side of the party worker. I have asked people in the party to take immediate action against him. I couldn't react earlier as I was at the Legislative Assembly."

The MLA has also said Rajeev and the woman seen in the videos are relatives, and they have sorted out the issue.

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Sabarinadhan has reacted to the incident by putting up a post on his social media page, and has also visited the woman at her home on Tuesday evening. 

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Check the Facebook post of Prasheed with videos here:

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