Arun Jaitley to Pakistan: Your denial in mutilating Indian soldiers carries no credibility

Jaitley said cover firing was provided to help the culprits escape.

Defence Minister Arun Jaitley today said slammed Pakistan for denying role in mutilating Indian soldiers and said their denial carries no credibility.

"The denial itself carried no credibility because the entire gamut of activity shows that first killing and mutilating shows that it was carried out by army," Jaitley told reporters here today.

He said cover firing was provided to help the culprits escape.

On such a heavily guarded border where post are few meters away it cannot happen without the indulgence of their army, the minister said.

In a ceasefire violation, the Pakistan Army had on May 1 opened rocket and mortar firing on two forward posts along the Line of Control (LoC) in the Krishna Ghati sector of Jammu and Kashmir. Pakistan's Border Action Team (BAT) attacked an Indian joint patrol team and mutilated its two soldiers.

Pakistan has denied violating any ceasefire or killing Indian soldiers.



  1. Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) spokesperson Gopal Baglay today said India "considers it a strong act of provocation which was preceded by covering fire from Pakistan soldiers".
  2. He said the barbaric act of mutilation of soldiers violates all norms of civility. India has sufficient evidence to prove that Pakistan Army was behind the act, he said.
  3. "Blood samples of the Indian soldiers that have been collected and the trail of blood clearly shows that the killers returned across the Line of Control," Baglay said.
  4. The MEA spokesperson said "those who crossed the Line of Control were not from Pakistan, but people from Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK). We have the evidence, blood trail sample shows that those who came from PoK, returned to the PoK side, and Pakistan personnel are responsible for this".
  5. Pakistan High Commissioner Abdul Basit was called in by Foreign Secretary S Jaishankar to convey India's outrage over the incident. "We have demanded from Pakistan that whoever from their (Pakistan) Army was behind the incident be punished," said MEA spokesperson Gopal Baglay.