This Artist Makes Amazing 3D Coffee Art That Is An Absolute Delight For Every Coffee Lover

Shreya Suresh Kumar
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This Artist Makes Amazing 3D Coffee Art That Is An Absolute Delight For Every Coffee Lover

Daphne Tan, from Singapore creates some of the most awesome 3D latter art on coffee using espresso products.

Coffee lovers who cannot spend a day without coffee have one more reason to stick to their coffee love. 17 year old Daphne Tan, from Singapore is doing some great art at such a young age. We are sure you have been watching these videos of coffee art. The art that wiggles, do you remember watching anything like that? Well, that awesome art is done by Daphne who also has an Instagram page name perperipeng. She has 18.2k followers and this page is an absolute delight for coffee lovers.  So what Daphne does is, she makes creative designs on coffee with the foam. And for colors, she takes them from melted chocolate and food. Sometimes it is a cute cat and sometimes a lion. Each day she comes up with new designs and foodies all over the world just can’t stop mushing at it. The bunny design has really caught the attention of social media users and it went viral. Here are some of the most adorable designs that Daphne came up with. Some of these also wiggle. Take a look.

So here is a video of how how she does her 3D art with the help of Barista Espresso Products. Looks easy, but it does take a lot of effort and concentration. Here she is doing a lion!

Another super adorable design! 

An adorable bunny on your coffee? Too cute to drink this coffee. 

A Dolphin playing with a ball, not in a pool, bu tin your coffee. Fancy that!

A pizza right inside your coffee. Ever imagined this?

So like you see, these are some of the most beautifully done 3D art on coffee.  Her art got so much fame that Daphne was also invited to be a part of the Singapore Coffee Festival.