Artist from Kerala creates six-second image in air using stones

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A visual of Rohit's stone art work
A visual of Rohit's stone art work

Kannur (Kerala) [India], July 18 (ANI): There are several artists who carve out stones to create sculptures that withstand time, but here is one from Kerala's Kannur, whose art with stones has hardly just six-second of life.

KP Rohit, a native of Payyanur, who replaces paint with stones to create portraits and once done the canvas is tilted and lifted to create the same image in the air. As the stones rise up in air in a fraction of seconds, the image comes alive.

His recent stone portrait of actor Mohanlal has won much praise including from the actor himself.

"I have completed my higher education. I have done many paintings before. But it was during lockdown I started trying portraits using stones. I have done many such stone art, but last one of Mohanlal was noticed by all. Mohanlal who saw it also appreciated me," Rohit told ANI, while describing his passion.

When asked how he learned the stone art, he said, "Actually, I saw one such video on social media. Thereafter, I started practicing it. After several days of practice, I could come up with my first work. My friend Hariprasad shot the video in his mobile phone. Only in slow motion the image in air can be visible."

Other than stone art his work, the young artist has stored his paintings of Argentine footballer Lionel Messi, Spanish artist Salvador Dali and many film stars.

With appreciation pouring in, Rohit says his aim now is to perfect his art.

"I never thought I will get such recognition including from my favourite actor. I am working on other stone art now and want to perfect it," said the self-made artist. (ANI)

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