Artisan making products from bamboo urges Jharkhand govt to provide machines to boost business

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Jitan Devi along with other women making products from bamboo in her village in Ranchi. (Photo/ANI)
Jitan Devi along with other women making products from bamboo in her village in Ranchi. (Photo/ANI)

Ranchi (Jharkhand) [India], January 5 (ANI): Jitan Devi, a craftswoman who makes hand-crafted products from bamboo at a village near Ranchi has changed the perspective of women's employment in a rural setup. She has urged the state government to provide machines to increase the production of products.

Jitan Devi, who lives in Dahu village, around 22 km away from Ranchi district headquarters, has given a new identity to bamboo products. In an effort for women empowerment, around 30 women are working with her and making products from bamboo.

"Bamboo products have been in their tradition right from the beginning, but it was limited to a very few items. Due to the emerging changes our products were being sold during Chhath puja and weddings. Around 30 women are working with us. We maintain the stock of our products to sell it in the market," Jitan Devi told ANI.

With the passage of time, the decrease in the demand for such traditional bamboo products forced Jiten Devi and other women like her to develop the products as per need. For this, they underwent formal training under the Jharkhand State Livelihood Promotion Society.

"People from Odisha trained us for seven years. We used to get Rs 10 daily during training and Now, I along with my husband go to different places to train people. We also go outside Jharkhand to sell our products too," she said.

After training, she has achieved a new milestone. Now she along with her teams make various products which can be termed as the best example of bamboo work with a modern touch. These products have gained a large market and are being sold across the country earning her a handsome profit.

"Earlier we used to sell products for Rs 1500 to Rs 2000 made from one bamboo . Now the same bamboo products cost Rs 10000 to Rs 12,000. We now make designer products from bamboo. Sometimes people and various NGOs give us bulk orders, and we get profits. This work has given us respect" she said.

Jitan Devi urged the government to provide machines to ease their work.

"We do all the work using our hands. Machines will ease our work and we request the government to provide us machines so that we can make more items in a day," she said.

Women engaged in this business are very happy for two reasons- one it has given them the due recognition and secondly making them overcome the financial issues.

Sumitra Kumari, daughter of Jitan Devi said, "I have just completed my graduation. I show the products to guests who visit us. I give the final touch to products. I am feeling proud of my father and mother. They both give training to women here and help them in earning money."

Muneshari Devi, who works under Jitan Devi said, "I got training from Jitan Devi and now I make products from bamboo. This work helps us in earning by which we can make a better future for our children." (ANI)