Arthi Mandis across state shut for 4 days following Income Tax raids

Mohali (Punjab), Dec 22(ANI): Arhtiyas also known as commission agents have closed grain markets across states for 4 days against Income Tax raids on them and also in support of the farmers’ protest. Kharar Market Arhti Association, Chairman Rajesh Sood claimed that raids were conducted to threaten Arthi Mandis to take back support from the farmers’ protest. Sood said, “We have shut the markets for 4 days as PM Modi wants to suppress the farmers’ protest. They also tried to pressurize Arhti so that we take back our support but this will not happen. Everyone is in support of Farmers’ protest. And this protest will be successful and they will have to revoke the laws. Right now the shut is for 4 days but if laws are not revoked it might extend.” Kharar Market Arhti Association, President Sunil Aggarwal said, “Raids are being conducted to weaken farmers' movement but it worked as fuel to the fire.”