Artemis 2 Mission: Final ACM test for Nasa’s Orion spacecraft LAS completed successfully

Madhuri Adnal

Washington, Feb 27: The final test of the Orion spacecraft's attitude control motor (ACM) created by Northrop Grumman has been successful, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) on Thursday announce.

The space agency declared this test a 'spectacular success,' explaining that the evaluation was conducted at a facility in Maryland.

The trial was conducted in collaboration with Nasa and Lockheed Martin and marks the final test for the motor.

It is one of the three solid-propellant rocket motors on Orion's LAS. The abort motor and a jettison motor are the other two on the LAS.

The ACM is one of the motors under the LAS to be tested, NASA said in a release on Tuesday.

This particular motor is designed to steer and orient the Orion capsule during an emergency, whereas the jettison motor is designed to separate the LAS from Orion and the abort motor is designed to pull the module from the launch vehicle.

The space agency revealed that when the astronauts blast off for their voyage to the Moon on the Orion spacecraft during Artemis missions, they will have protection in the form of the launch abort system (LAS).

The LAS is designed to carry crew to safety in the event of an emergency during launch or ascent atop the agency's Space Launch System rocket.

NASA plans to launch the manned Artemis 2 mission by 2024. It is designed to carry humans onboard the Orion spacecraft, following in the flight path of Apollo 17, which made the trip in 1972.

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