After arrow injury to collarbone, Assam archer treated at AIIMS

Astha Saxena
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Shivangini Gohain (12) was injured when an arrow accidentally pierced her collarbone

Shivangini Gohain, the 12-year-old archer from Assam who was injured after an arrow shot accidentally during a training session pierced her collarbone, was successfully operated on Friday at AIIMS Trauma Centre.

Doctors removed a 15-cm part of the arrow's metal rod during the surgery.

Gohain was airlifted from Dibrugarh in Assam Thursday night after a failed attempt of removal of the rod at a hospital in Assam.

The arrow pierced her collarbone and damaged a part of the neck, vertebrae, and the left lung. Gohain is now under observation in the ICU.

Gohain was practising for the Khelo India Games, which began Friday.

Doctors said the four-hour-long surgery was “challenging” and “complex”.

Dr Deepak Gupta, professor of neurosurgery at AIIMS who led the team which operated on the girl, said medical evaluation with CT scan and angiography showed that the arrow was stuck in the cervical spine vertebrae, which was very close to the spinal cord and other major vessels.

“The arrow was touching the vertebral artery which supplies blood to the brain stem. About 15 cm of the arrow was removed during the surgery which lasted around four hours. Around 0.5 cm of the arrow was in front of the spinal cord,” said Dr Gupta.

“It was a challenging case considering the age of the child. The aluminium carbon alloy arrow had penetrated through the neck from the right side, grazed the vertebral artery on right side, went through vertebral body and intervertebral disc to the opposite side up to the left lung,” he added.