Arrested for harassing women, Delhi-cop to be dismissed from duty

Shalini Ojha
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Arrested for harassing women, Delhi-cop to be dismissed from duty
Arrested for harassing women, Delhi-cop to be dismissed from duty

26 Oct 2020: Arrested for harassing women, Delhi-cop to be dismissed from duty

Delhi Police will soon dismiss the 35-year-old sub-inspector, who was arrested for stalking and harassing four women, including a minor, between October 17 and 20.

The police officer, Puneet Grewal, who worked with the anti-terror squad Special Cell, was arrested on Saturday from Janakpuri.

"The order to dismiss the sub-inspector will be issued any time today," a senior cop told HT.

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What happened: Woman recalled harassment horror on social media

Grewal's misconduct came to the fore after one of the victims posted a video on social media, detailing the harassment she faced on October 17, when she was cycling.

"While cycling I noticed a small grey car, the rear glass of which was shattered, and it was noticeable," she said, adding that the driver drove parallelly and when she ignored him, he honked.

Harassment: Man sought directions for Dwarka Sector-14, flashed victim

The woman said she signaled the man to drive past her, but he relented, and "greeted" her with "Hello" instead.

"As I stopped and looked at him, the man asked for directions to reach Dwarka Sector-14. Before I could reply, I saw that he had unzipped his pants and was flashing me," she said.

The man said sexually explicit things and hurled abuses.

Details: The car bore no number plate, revealed the victim

The woman said she sped, hoping to reach some locals. Some of them tried catching Grewal but he fled.

"I called 1091 at 9.30 am after telling my parents," she said.

Shockingly, the car had no number plate, revealed the victim. An officer told her it would be difficult to find the accused in such a scenario since a broken shield can be fixed.

Finding accused: Similar stories helped police in tracking accused

Another woman said she was walking when a semi-naked Grewal flashed her. He also harassed another victim, who was merely 17.

As the victims gave the same description of the accused, police concluded only one person was responsible for it.

"Our teams followed the routes the car took after the crimes and scanned footage from over 200 cameras," a cop told HT.

Arrest: At time of arrest, police didn't know of Grewal's occupation

Eventually, the CCTV footage led police to the suspect. "They reached his home and found the car parked inside... It was registered in his wife's name, who is a teacher. He also has a daughter," an officer was quoted by IE.

At the time of arrest, police were unaware of Grewal's occupation. He wasn't wearing his uniform while harassing the women, said reports.

Fact: Four separate FIRs filed against accused cop

Four different FIRs have been filed against him under IPC sections 354 (molestation), 354-D (stalking), and Prevention of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act. He was sent to judicial custody for 14 days after being produced at a court in the National Capital.