Arrested Chandigarh cop was handling Ram Rahim's escape plan, say sources

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Arrested Chandigarh cop was handling Ram Rahim's escape plan, say sources

Chandigarh police head constable Lal Chand was roped in specially by Gurmeet Ram Rahim's allies to ensure that the plan to help the godman escape was a success.

The gang of Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh - the self-acclaimed godman convicted for rape - took care of his escape plan and intercepted police's radio signals so that they could escape being caught, police sources told India Today on Tuesday.

It has been learnt that the Dera gang had especially roped in Chandigarh Police head constable Lal Chand to ensure that the escape plan was a success. It was easy to radicalise Lalchand as he was a staunch Dera supporter. He was given two major responsibilities, firstly to tune Dera's wireless sets into the police's radio frequency to intercept messages and secondly to use his credentials and intelligence to free Gurmeet Ram Rahim from police custody. It was easy for Lal Chand to enter the high security zone as he himself was a cop and nobody suspected him.

Police sources said that Lal Chand had helped Gurmeet Ram Rahim's commandos to tune their wireless sets into Haryana Police's radio frequencies (usually 76 MHz to 86 MHz, something not allowed for private organisations). The commandos, sitting in a jammer vehicle, were allegedly intercepting all wireless messages that were being exchanged among three Haryana Police wireless stations.

During the investigation, Panchkula police had also recovered a wireless set from the possession of the Dera goons. What also came to light was that the Dera gang had set up a state-of-the-art control room in Panchkula and was using wireless radio equipment.

It must be mentioned that any attempt to enter the frequency used by the police is an offence under the Indian Wireless Telegraphy Act, 1933.

Police during the investigation had discovered that Lal Chand had stationed himself outside the CBI special court in Panchkula on August 25 without having been officially asked to be there. He was arrested from Chandigarh on Monday.

Lal Chand is believed to have told the Panchkula police that he had made three attempts to free Gurmeet Ram Rahim from Haryana Police custody.

In fact, Lal Chand, by using his credentials, had managed to enter into a high-security zone that was guarded by a several files of police officers and paramilitary personnel.

As per plan A, conceptualised by the Dera gang including Lal Chand, Gurmeet Ram Rahim had to enter a bullet-proof vehicle owned by Dera Sacha Sauda.

As soon as Gurmeet Ram Rahim came out of the CBI special court, his commandos and Lal Chand guided him into the bullet-proof vehicle. However, the Haryana cops escorting Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh did not allow him to board the Dera vehicle.

According to the plan, police sources say the bullet-proof vehicle may have taken Ram Rahim to Chandigarh first. Later, there was a plan to hide him somewhere in Himachal Pradesh.

After failing to implement plan A, Lal Chand immediately switched to Plan B and asked Ram Rahim's commandos to sit in the police vehicle in which the convicted godman was being taken to a local helipad.

As per this plan, the commandos had to whisk away Ram Rahim from the vehicle at gunpoint. Interestingly , Plan B also failed as the commandos were not allowed by the police to enter the vehicle.

Having failed to implement two plans, Lal Chand made a last-ditch bid to free Ram Rahim by following him in a bullet-proof car up to the Western Command from where he was to be flown to Sunaria Jail in Rohtak. He even tried to drive the vehicle close to the police SUV carrying Gurmeet Singh but failed and finally dropped the idea.

Top sources told India Today that the police had scanned the CCTV footage from cameras installed in Sector 23 in particular and found the Dera gang doing a reccee of the area before the CBI special court verdict. It was also found during the investigation that Chandigarh cop Lal Chand had stationed himself outside the CBI special court complex in Panchkula without any official order.

Lal Chand, who was posted in the Intelligence wing of Chandigarh police, was on Tuesday produced in the court which remanded him to two-day police custody.

During this two-daya custody, the police will be keen to question Lal Chand about Honeypreet's role in the August 25 violence, apart from finding out about the person who was supervising the violence conspiracy.

Police sources said Honeypreet Insan, who held the number two position in the Dera Sacha Sauda, was the brain behind the August 25 violence. She had also allegedly chaired a meeting on August 17 in Sirsa in which a blueprint for the August 25 violence was allegedly prepared.

Police sources told India Today that the Dera gang including Honeypreet Insan and others had toured to Panchkula to take stock of the situation and to implement the plan to free Gurmeet Ram Rahim from police custody.

Dera gang had also planned to help Ram Rahim flee to a foreign country. The details of this secret plan, according to the police, are in Honeypreet's diary and laptop which are still missing.