'Like an Arranged Marriage': Biocon Chief Takes a Jab at India's 'Vaccine Situation'

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Biocon chief Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw has compared the COVID-19 vaccination situation in the country to an arranged marriage. Mazumdar-Shaw, the executive chairperson of biotechnology major Biocon, in a lighter vein compared the two while bringing out the confusion that currently prevails regarding the entire vaccination process.

“The vaccine situation in India is like an arranged marriage. First, you are not ready, then you don’t like any, then you don’t get any!! Those who got are unhappy thinking maybe the other one would have been better. Those who did not get any are willing to get any one,” Mazumdar-Shaw tweeted on Saturday.

Earlier this week, Mazumdar-Shaw had expressed concern over the shortage of COVID-19 vaccines and sought better transparency from the government regarding their availability so that citizens could patiently wait for their turn.

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“Very concerned about why vaccines are in such short supply. Can we please know where the 70 million doses are being deployed every month? @MoHFW_INDIA We need better transparency to avoid suspense. If a timetable of supplies is made public people can patiently wait their turn,” Mazumdar-Shaw had tweeted while tagging the Health Ministry.

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