Arquus' new Military Vehicle Can Eat the US Humvee for Breakfast

While fascination for military vehicles could be subjective, not everyone can turn their heads away from the Humvee used by the US military. The beast of a machine has been lauded all over the world or its on-field capabilities. However, the car might soon have to share the spotlight with another iteration coming from France this time.

The Arquus Scarabee is a military behemoth made by Arquus Defense. The company was formerly known as the Renault Trucks Defense which was changed after it was acquired by the Volvo Group in 2018.

More than its resemblance with the US Humvee or its adaptive suspension or its payload capacity of 1814 kg, what really takes the cake is its four-wheel steering that literally lets you go sideways when needed. The power of the car is individually sent to all four wheels just like an Audi Quattro or a Subaru.

Speaking of power, the car is powered by a 300-hp diesel engine that is supplemented by a 103-hp electric Motor, both rear mounted. The electric motor helps to get instant oomph considering the car weighs about 6 tonnes.