Arizona Mother Kills Her 3 Kids And Props Their Bodies on Sofas Arrested

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A mother in Phoenix killed her three children and propped their bodies on a sofa as if they were sleeping. 22-year-old Rachel Henry has been arrested for allegedly smothering her three children at their family home. She is facing jail for three counts of first-degree murder. The incident came to light after police discovered a three-year-old boy, two-year-old girl and a seven-month-old girl lying unresponsive when they were called, the Phoenix Police Department said in a statement. US Mother Kills Two-Year-Old Son for Bedwetting, Sentenced to 40 Years Jail.

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Cops said that the cause of the children's death is yet to be determined but there were no signs of trauma. In a probable statement filed in the court by police, Henry admitted to smothering each child. She said that she placed hands over the nose and mouth of the children until they stopped breathing. Henry said that when she was smothering the one-year-old. the girl's brother was yelling asking her to stop. Florida Mother Accidentally Locks Baby in Hot Car, Cops Rescue 10-Month-Old by Breaking Window With Hammer (Watch Video)

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She recounted how she straddled the three-year-old on the floor of a bedroom. They tried his best to save himself but couldn't. She fed her seven-month-old daughter a bottle before smothering her and singing to the baby. According to the statement, then she placed all three children on the couch as if they were sleeping. Two other adults in the house were not aware of the whereabouts.

Police reached the home after responding to an emergency call from a relative in the house who found the dead children. It is believed that there was no specific motive for killing the children. However, a relative said that Henry 'had a methamphetamine addiction and had been acting strange the past several days'. A representative from the Maricopa County Attorney's Office said that Henry has a history of addiction to methamphetamine because of which the children were not living with her for some time. It is not known if Henry had an attorney. Her next court date is scheduled for January 31.