Arizona board of regents calls meeting to discuss Sean Miller's fate

The Arizona board of regents has scheduled a Thursday meeting to discuss the scandal embroiling its basketball program and the contract of head coach Sean Miller.

The board has called an executive session “for legal advice and discussion regarding University of Arizona men’s basketball and the multiple-year employment contract for the head men’s basketball coach.”

The Arizona board of regents will discuss Sean Miller’s contract on Thursday. (AP)

Miller has not coached since ESPN reported last week that the FBI recorded a discussion between Miller and ASM Sports agency employee Christian Dawkins arranging a $100,000 payment to secure star recruit and NBA prospect Deandre Ayton.

An Arizona spokesperson told the Arizona Daily Star that the school is confident that Miller’s contract does not entitle him to further pay if he ends up terminated for cause.

“We recognize there may be some ambiguity in the language of the contract, but Arizona courts look to the intent of the parties, and the intent of the parties in this case is clear,” Chris Sigurdson told the Star via email. “Base salary and any additional compensation are payable only to the date of termination.”

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