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Sunday 12, July

Mercury is officially direct! Give it a few days before launching into any home-based projects you put on hold earlier in June. Think all the way back to the end of April and early May – secrets from that time are about to be revealed, especially in relation to your family life.

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Saturday 11, July

Time for your monthly glow-up! The Moon has charged into your own stars, boosting your ego and initiating your peak-energy phase for July. However, later on tonight Chiron goes retrograde in your sign, beginning a deeply emotional and introspective phase. It’s time to look at your wounds, Aries – so that you can heal them for real this time.

Friday 10, July

The Moon is in dreamy Pisces again today, bringing a mystical vibe right before an intensely emotional weekend. Get centered by doing some meditation or journaling, because some major intensity is coming your way during the next few days. All the answers you seek are within.

Thursday 09, July

Today’s stars are thankfully a lot sweeter and softer than yesterday, Aries. With the Moon in Pisces making gentle angles to Mercury and the Sun, everything feels dreamy and mystical in the best way possible. Do some magic – you’re able to manifest your biggest fantasies right now.

Wednesday 08, July

There is an edge to your conversations today, as Mercury Retrograde clashes with your ruler Mars, currently in your own stars. Your ego could definitely get involved and your anger can rage if you don’t control it, Aries. Take a deep breath and walk away before you say or type something you’ll regret.

Tuesday 07, July

Now that the Moon is in your social zone, you’re ready to reconnect with your friends and colleagues in a whole new way. You’ve been much more internally focused in recent weeks, which is rather unlike you. Use this powerful lunar phase to reach out to the dream team you need to push your life forward on all cylinders, Aries.

Monday 06, July

The eclipse hangover is really real, Aries, so give yourself some extra space to process and heal today. The Moon quickly goes into Aquarius later today, lightening some of that heavy burden. You can think your way through everything you’ve experienced, rather than just feeling it at the gut level.

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